The major components are:

Config (XML) More on this component
Specifies information determining the behavior of the generation. Specifically, a Configuration specifies the Source, Compiled and Compiler assembly and class references, as well as rules on Transforms to be applied to the Compiled XML (or the manifest of files already generated).

Source (XML)
User-Provided "Project" file that specifies a related collection of "Objects" supporting properties, methods, and relationships between the objects.

Compiler (C#)
Transforms the Source XML into the Compiled XML. This typically involves creating redundancy in the model (such as restating all of the field detail on a field reference), as well as adding data based on internal rules, or those provided in a Config.

Compiled (XML)
Typically a denormalized and redundant version of the Source model, that makes transformation easy by minimizing data lookup. The Compiled model

Transforms (XSL)
The Transform files are applied to either the Compiled model, or the Manifest.

Manifest (XML)
The Manifest XML file contains a list of every file generated from Compiled code. Manifest-based transforms are run after Compiled ones, to handle scenarios like generating a script to execute all of your generated .SQL files.

Output (C#, HTML, XML, SQL, etc.)
Source code and documentation are typically output during a Lazarus generation.

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