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Project Description
An XML technologies-based code generation tool, currently supporting generating robust SQL Server 2005 code with C# data access wrappers. This tool has been in development as a side project for over 5 years, and has been used to create enterprise-level databases, access tiers which API-wise mirror the database's stored procedure layer, and allow logical and API inheritance in the database. In addition, the generated object graphs form the Model of the various Lazarus components, using the tool to improve itself.

LazGen is a 2-stage compiler that takes a terse XML definition of related objects, properties and methods and creates compilable source code for your application.
LazGen takes the DataTier Configuration XML file, and the OneReality.MyGoals Source XML file (5k), and uses it to produce 125k of SQL, C# and XML Data Tier Source Code for the OneReality.MyGoals Project. This means a ratio of 1:25 for each character of Source, vs. the resulting output.

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MyGoals Sample Project

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